If you put an Xbox or PlayStation controller in my hand, I will look at you like you just handed me a dodecahedral hand puzzle wrapped in Chinese finger traps. What am I supposed to do with this thing? There are, like, a trillion buttons. And the joysticks? Pfft. No thanks, I’ll pass.

On the other hand, put an original Nintendo controller in my hand and, brother, game on. Best thing about this icon? Two buttons. B and A. One four-way directional pad. Start and Pause. Simplicity, folks, that’s where it’s at. As Shakespeare wrote, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

Look, I realize my controller cantankerousness dates me. You young whippersnappers are probably snickering on your sofa, punching each other in the shoulder and saying, “Look at grandpa over there. Maybe we should get him an EZ Eyes keyboard, too.”

Mock me if you must. I don’t care. I will go to my grave still defending the original NES games, too. And I also understand the folly of exalting 8-bit graphics in an era when we can play dazzling, high-def, 3-D games on our phones.

But to try and explain the joy I get from blowing the dust off the cartridge pins, shoving it into the slot and playing a game of RBI Baseball would be like trying to tap the Dalai Lama’s source of enlightenment. Maybe I should join these guys.

The original hive of this enlightenment, if you will, was the basement of my friend Mookie’s house. It was there we wasted countless sunny afternoons playing long stretches of Tecmo Bowl and Baseball Stars. It was in these dark, subterranean confines, surrounded by Cool Ranch Doritos and Dr. Pepper, that the genesis of our misanthropic leanings first took root. And for the record, my punk band is totally going to do a cover of the Tecmo Bowl theme song.

About the only thing that could have made Mookie’s basement gaming den even better is this: a coffee table that is a fully functional Nintendo controller.

The table comes compliments of weaver of dreams and furniture maker Charles Lushear. Just to prove that we’re all adults here, with refined adult tastes in furniture design, Lushear made the piece out of maple, mahogany and walnut woods, which only adds to its elegance. The dovetail joinery and retractable cord are lovely flourishes, too.

And guess what? When you’re not conquering Contra, the controller face sits underneath a removeable glass top. That way, you don’t need to worry about spilling Diet Mountain Dew all over the place.

If I were a wealthier man, I would surprise Mookie and buy him this table for his birthday next year. But because it’s priced at $3,500, he’ll have to be happy with a paperback. For those who don’t have an NES system, Lushear says he’s looking into making a controller compatible with the Wii.

And now, I leave you with an homage to the great controller — a little finger ballet, compliments of the code to Contra: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

Custom Coffee Table Acts as Giant Nintendo Controller



Charles Lushear of custom design studio The Boho Workbench in Venice Beach, Calif., has created this fully functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table. The table (which is 42″ x 18.25″ x 18″) ditches plastic in favor of maple, mahogany and walnut, and lets you play NES games using the aesthetically designed piece of furniture.

The table features a removable glass top for when you aren’t playing games, a retractable cord, dovetail joinery and mid century modern legs. A nonfunctional version is available, as well as a composite materials version that is painted to look exactly like the original controller.

USB capability can also be added, and the designer is currently working on an inverted color scheme version and one with Wii capability for those without a NES console. The coffee tables are made to order and the production time is four to six weeks. The functional table costs $3,500 and this first creation is currently being raffled off by

Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table



Proving that there are, in fact, more awesome things in this world than L.A. Lights, some dude in Venice came up with the best thing ever: a coffee table made of maple, mahogany & walnut that looks like, and actually functions as, a controller for an 8-bit Nintendo. And, sure, you’re probably already thinking, “Nothing is more awesome than L.A. Lights” but also, “Wait, this coffee table is a working Nintendo controller??”, which’s exactly what we said and why we ran this thing down to Thrillist’s super-secret subterranean testing lab to see how this greatest invention ever stacked up with the handheld-sized one:

Test 1: Contra, 1-player mode, sharing controller with Shawn Bradley
Normal Nintendo Controller: Dude, who let Shawn Bradley into our super-secret subterranean testing lab? Also, this controller is totally not sharable.
Functional Coffee Table Nintendo Controller: No seriously, who let Shawn Bradley into our super-secret subterranean testing lab? But also, this controller is totally sharable!

Test 2: Super Mario Brothers 3, 1-player mode, after a trip to the dispensary
Normal Nintendo Controller: Wait, this normal Nintendo controller is a working Nintendo controller??
Functional Coffee Table Nintendo Controller: Wait, this coffee table is a working Nintendo controller??

Test 3: R.C. Pro-AM, 1-player mode, throwing controller at TV outta frustration over computer cars’ unfair turbo boosting
Normal Nintendo Controller: Ahh, that feels so much better.
Functional Coffee Table Nintendo Controller: Eff. This is really heavy.

Test 4: Battletoads, 1-player mode, while drinking Pibb Xtra and inputting GameGenie codes
Normal Nintendo Controller: Code invalid? Seriously? That just took me like 20min to put in. And now I’ve spilled my Pibb Xtra everywhere due to my frustration. This controller is ruined.
Functional Coffee Table Nintendo Controller: Samesies, except, this controller is totally fine thanks to the glass protector top!

Test 5: Ninja Gaiden, 1-player mode, trying to attack dudes while climbing ladders
Normal Nintendo Controller: Fail.
Functional Coffee Table Nintendo Controller: Fail.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table



Sweet mother of Nintendo – can it really be possible or are we all dead and this is simply how coffee tables look like in heaven? Well, you can rest easy knowing that we are all very much alive and this table is 100% real, and best of all it can be yours! The Nintendo controller coffee table is something straight out of any gamers wet dreams and sure to please anyone who was ever a fan of the original Nintendo gaming console. Not only does this radical table pay homage to the godfather of all gaming systems with beautifully crafted woodwork, it doubles as a fully functional gaming controller!
The Nintendo coffee table is the perfect addition to any family room. The table measures 42″ x 18.25″ x 18″ and is fashioned out of beautiful mahogany, maple and walnut which blend in seamlessly to the decor of any home. When not in use, simply place the glass part over the controller and use it as an awesome retro coffee table and to use just remove the top and connect to your NES using the cable that is conveniently tucked away in a secret compartment under the controller. Rummage through the multitude of boxes in the attic and dust off that old NES cause this table beckons game play.

Coffee Table Is a Giant NES Controller, Doesn’t Make Beating Megaman Any Easier



I always love the level in video games where your character gets shrunk to an itty-bitty size and then has to take on all the standard enemies and obstacles–you know, kinda like Mario Cart.
If you’d like to feel like you’ve entered this type of level while indulging in some Nintendo fun, check out this coffee table that’s been styled after a Nintendo NES controller. And the best part, it can actually be used to play the NES.

This coffee table from Charles Lushear’s Bohemian Workbench store on Etsy is made of maple, mahogany and walnut. It has a glass top that allows it to function as a coffee table, but simply remove the glass top, pull out the retractable cord located underneath the table and plug it into your Nintendo NES, and you’re all set to play your favorite classic video game.

If you want this incredibly awesome table, you better hurry on over to Etsy–only one is available for purchase. Stop reading–go now!

Play NES With a Coffee Table Controller



There are a number of tests that determine the degree of your NES mastery, such as beating Contra without using the Konami code, or speed running Super Mario Bros. without using any power-ups. Alternatively, you can beat Super Mario Bros. by using your coffee table as a controller: that’ll take some real skill.
Thanks to furniture maker Charles Lushear it’s now possible to do just that, as he’s designed a wooden coffee table that’s also a functioning NES controller. It has a detachable glass cover for when you’re actually using it as a table, but will plug into an NES like a standard controller, with the image below bringing a new definition to co-op play.

At $3500 and with a 4-6 week waiting time, this isn’t a piece of furniture that you can pick up at your local store. Still, if you want a new way to play the good old NES, here it is.

The Nintendo coffee table that is a retro blast from the past



The original Nintendo Entertainment System has had a profund effect on people since it launched so many years ago. That signature shape, that conic controller and those delightful 8bit games, all memories that have survived through the ages.

It might also be the only reason for someone to ever build a gigantic wooden controller that has the dual purpose of being a coffee table as well.

What you see before you, is a Nintendo controller coffee table that is fully functional. Yes, that’s right, those buttons actually work. And the price for this massive piece of mahogany nostalgia?

$3500, on Etsy. Talk about waking up to your morning wood. I can only imagine how much a N64 controller dining room table would wind up costing…

Working NES controller table will shame your other furniture



This absolutely freakin’ awesome wooden NES controller table kicks some major ass. I loved it when I thought it was a really well crafted art piece. I swooned though when found out it actually works!

This giant ode to the old school NES controllers is hand crafted out of maple, mahogany and walnut wood. The table has dovetail joints and mid-century modern legs.

When you are ready to start gaming just remove the glass top and plug in the retractable cord. The entire table functions like a controller would. It’s a little bit geek and a little bit chic.

Sure, there have been other NES controller tables, but this amazing piece from The Bohemian Workbench does it with class. Your parents might think you’ve just invested in some modern art instead of indulging your whimsical side.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

The NES controller table is 42-inches long by 18.25-inches wide by 18-inches tall and sells for $3,500 (plus shipping and handling) via The Bohemian Workbench’s Etsy shop.

Once you see it, you won’t want to part with it so you’ll want to make sure it will fit through the door before you buy.