Nintendo Controller Coffee Table



Sweet mother of Nintendo – can it really be possible or are we all dead and this is simply how coffee tables look like in heaven? Well, you can rest easy knowing that we are all very much alive and this table is 100% real, and best of all it can be yours! The Nintendo controller coffee table is something straight out of any gamers wet dreams and sure to please anyone who was ever a fan of the original Nintendo gaming console. Not only does this radical table pay homage to the godfather of all gaming systems with beautifully crafted woodwork, it doubles as a fully functional gaming controller!
The Nintendo coffee table is the perfect addition to any family room. The table measures 42″ x 18.25″ x 18″ and is fashioned out of beautiful mahogany, maple and walnut which blend in seamlessly to the decor of any home. When not in use, simply place the glass part over the controller and use it as an awesome retro coffee table and to use just remove the top and connect to your NES using the cable that is conveniently tucked away in a secret compartment under the controller. Rummage through the multitude of boxes in the attic and dust off that old NES cause this table beckons game play.

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